CEO Message

“Demar want to be an always improving company.”

At Demar, we have always believed that in order to prosper we need a developed industry and a sound society. So we gear ourselves up and fits in the market to fulfill our responsibility. I am confident, Demar is continuously driving all the resources for this up to potential.

We have strengthened our presence with improved skill sets and access to new technologies. By tapping our portfolio and at the same time, being nearer to our stakeholders, we are able to improve the reliability of our systems and the flexibility in our business – solely to make a more positive impact!

We adapt to take the journey to pioneer the way in this fast-paced environment, with hand in hand with our team and our clients, as we pave the way towards creating value for all our stakeholders. I assure that you will find Demar putting positive and constructive efforts towards the development of better industry and society. We welcome your input and views, which you can share with us by feeding us back 24/7.  We look forward to partner you with this philosophy and anticipate to hear.

Best Regards,

Chief Executive.