• Plant Design and Engineering Services

Available on-site and remotely.

• Technical Consultancy and Supervision

For complete power plant life cycle (facility, engineering, Project Delivery and O&M)

• Sourcing to Commissioning

Serving complete solutions for captive power generation

• In-house Manufacturing Facility

For cable trays, Cable Ladders and accessories.

• Diversity in Products Portfolio

Pumps, Air Compressors and Power Solutions.


• Demar leads Punjab captive power market!

1 Year. 9 Clients. 19 Gensets. 34MW.
Served to install leading market share of gas-fueled captive power generation for Textile Sector in Punjab.

• Safety Awareness & Implementation Program

Concluded 23,490 safe man-hours at EFL HPO Tanks Project.

• Technical Supervision Services

O&M Supervision of the power plant and utilities of 2 independent facilities.

• Re-establishment of Demar Workshop

Relocated and re-established Demar Workshop facility.
More Productive. More Efficient. More Economical.

DEMAR ENGINEERS is an imminent conglomerate organization with diverse business portfolio and is serving as frontline engineers, contractors and suppliers. Demar take pride in partnering the customers throughout asset life cycle through state of the art engineering, construction and integrated project solutions, traded and tailored product supplies and unmatched imperative services.

Demar is a team of visionary leaders, qualified professionals and experienced engineers who are willing to confront industrial challenges all the times, go the extra mile in fulfilling all stakeholders’ need and add value towards socioeconomic growth and sustainability.


  • Project and Program Management
  • Basic, FEED and Detail Engineering
  • Procurement, BOP & Material Supply
  • Civil Construction and Infrastructure
  • Mechanical and Equipment Installation
  • Electrical, Control and Instrumentation
  • Equipment lifting, Hauling and Rigging
  • Plant Relocation and Re-Installation
  • Site Fabrication and Shop Manufacturing
  • Inspection and Troubleshooting
  • Testing and Commissioning


  • Used Power plants
  • All Balance of Plants
  • Storage Tanks & Process Vessels
  • Generators, UPS & Power Solutions
  • Pumps (All Applications)
  • Air Compressors and Systems
  • Control Valves & Flow meters
  • Controllers, Analyzers & Instruments
  • ATS/AMF and Control Panels
  • Cable trays, ladders & raceways
  • Canopies & Trolleys


  • Technical Consultancy & Design
  • Engineering Supervision & Support
  • Installation Supervision & Support
  • Operations Supervision & Support
  • Complete O & M Services
  • Shop Manufacturing Services
  • Workshop Fabrication
  • Workshop Repairs & Machining Services
  • Plant & Equipment Maintenance
  • On-site and In-situ Maintenance
  • Product Warranty & Aftersales


D ~ Diesel, Gas & Multi fuelled Power plants
E ~ Electrical Installation Projects
M ~ Mechanical Installation Projects
A ~ Air conditioning & MEP Solutions
R ~ Renewable Energy Plants


  • Partnership, from feasibility to startup through project delivery and serving during complete life cycle of facility through technical support services

  • Project excellence, from charter to closure, with focus on critical project path and to meet client’s requirement, budget and schedule

  • Quality work solutions, to nullify downtime and enhance reliability of facility; a catalyst to profitability

  • Outstanding environmental, health and safety performance

  • Tailored power generation products and solutions not just as per client’s need, but with more added value

  • Flexible and tailored commercial models in line with clients capabilities

  • Efficient to 2nd tier customized supply chains



22MW Umer Group Gas Fired Power Plant Project
1 x 2.5MW Jenbacher JMS-616 at Faisal Spinning Mills.
1 x 3MW Jenbacher JMS-620 at Faisal Spinning Mills.
2 x 1.8MW Jenbacher JMS-612 at Bhanero Weaving Mills.
2 x 3MW Jenbacher JMS-620 at Blessed Textile Mills.
1 x 2.5MW Jenbacher JMS-616 at Bhanero Spinning Mills.
1 x 3MW Jenbacher JMS-620 at Bhanero Spinning Mills.
1 x 900KW Waukesha VHP-5904 at Blessed Textile Mills.
15MW Nishat Mills Ltd. Sahianwala Greenfield Relocation CoGen Power plant Project
1. Complete dismantling, relocation and re-installation of 12MW Wartsila gas and tri-fuel power plant.
2. Complete dismantling, relocation and re-installation of 3MW Jenbacher JMS-620 power plant.
3. Dismantling, relocation and re-installation of 7.5TPH WHR CoGen steam generation system.
4. EPC of power plant tank farm comprising 2 x 100MT Diesel Storage Tanks, 2 x 17MT Diesel Day Tanks, 3 x 10MT Lube Oil Tanks, 1 x 5MT FW tank and 1 x 10MT hotwell tank.
5. Electrical and Instrumentation of complete power plant up to feeder station.
6. Relocation, re-installation and containerization of 1 x 800KW CAT D3412 DG set as BSDG.
7. Steel structure work for plant installation approx. 120T.
8. Relocation of Broad exhaust gas WHR Chiller.
478RT Nishat Mills Ltd. WHR Absorption Chiller Relocation Project
Dismantling, relocation to new site and re-installation of 478RT Absorption chiller.
Installation of heating system associated with exhaust-WHR of 3-engines.
Design, fabrication and supply of silencer for the sound-attenuation of flue gasses.
Installation of 280m chilled water supply and return pipeline.
Gas & Diesel Fired Power Plants Projects
1 x 1.2MW CAT D3512 at Style Textile (Mr. Denim) Mills.
1 x 1.1MW Jenbacher JMS-416 at Pakistan Accumulators (Volta Batteries) Ltd.


6MW Suraj Cotton Mills HFO Power Plant EPC Project
Site engineering, procurement of all materials and turnkey installation services for Pakistan's 1st Niigata 18V28AHX HFO power plant at Suraj Cotton Mills Ltd.
Engro Foods HPO Tanks & Process Piping Project
Dismantling and removal of existing process tanks, 4 Nos, 2x150MT and 2x60MT.
Installation of new HPO tanks, 5 Nos, 2x20MT, 1x3MT and 2x40MT.
3,250DI food grade process (SS316L) piping with purging. 10T SS structure.
Gas & Diesel Fired Power Plants Projects
2 x 2.5MW Jenbacher JMS-616 at J.K. Spinning Mills.
2 x 1.5MW CAT CG-170 at Eastern Spinning Mills.
2 x 1.5MW Jenbacher JMS-420 at Masood Textile Mills.
1 x 1.2MW CAT D3512 at Nishat Apparel (Division-2).
1 x 4MW Jenbacher JMS-624 at Prosperity Weaving Mills.
1 x 4MW Jenbacher JMS-624 at Ellcot Spinning Mills.
1 x 1.1MW Jenbacher JGS-320 at Royal Textile Mills.
4 x CAT gas & diesel gensets at Nishat Diary Ltd.
1 x CAT D3412 at Nishat Mills Sahianwala.
16MW Nishat Dyeing and Finishing Mills CoGen Power plant Project
Turnkey Relocation of 3MW Turbomach Gas Turbine Power plant
Turnkey Installation of Wartsila 20V34 DF power plant
Installation of 2 x CAT G3520E gas gensets
Turnkey Relocation of 25TPH Cogen Plant.
8TPH WHR steam generation system with boiler, auxiliaries and super structure.
Fabrication and erection of 2200ft overhead HP steam pipeline.
Mechanical punch works for 9MW coal-fired CHP Plant